Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday...on Saturday!

Yesterday was a laid-back kind of day. We didn't brave the stores yesterday, so we took a trip to the fabric store today instead. JoAnn's was having a mega sale... fabric for $1.99 a yard!!! We bought over 20 yards of fabric and walked away paying only $55. Yes, today was a good day at the fabric store. We were surprised that JoAnn's wasn't a zoo considering all the sales that were going on. Lucky us :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scrappy Binding

We're mainstream kind of girls and tend to stick to one fabric for binding. Today we cut up our scraps for our first ever scrappy binding! The strips ranged from 5"-20", depending on the size of our scraps. It's nice to use up our scraps so they don't sit in our pile of fabrics-never-to-be-used.

Later this week, in between overeating, decorating for Christmas, watching Christmas movies, exercising, quilting, reading Christmas books, and exercising again (we'll need it!!) :), we'll be attaching this binding to a quilt! Happy (early) Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Since day one of quilting we made a rule: only buy fabric with a quilt in mind. This week we broke this rule…BIG TIME! Since both of our local fabric stores had great deals on fabric, we decided to give stashing a try. We bought our favorite fabrics in 1/3 yard increments. It will be nice to have a stash to pull from when we don’t have time for a trip to the fabric store. We’ll see how this stashing thing works out!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Recently we've really been on a kick to create some quilt patterns of our own. We've had so many quilt ideas swirling in our heads that we had no idea where to start. A stack of much-needed quilt books from the library was a great place to begin. Although most of the quilts in these books are not our style-retro fabrics and very traditional patterns- they inspired us and gave us ideas for some new quilts to come!

So, today was a brainstorming day. It's crazy how many quilt blocks there are and how different each block can look. The possibilities are endless...We'll keep you posted with any breakthroughs. :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Vintage Modern #1

vintage modern quilt bound in marmalade... what could be better than that?

This pretty little stack of fabrics has been waiting for its turn to be cut for four months! We hardly ever buy Moda fabric, so we wanted to be 100% sure about the quilt pattern. After searching and searching, we chose the Sophie pattern  and are happy that we did!

The machine quilting was super easy and makes the quilt loose. We sewed a spiral in each circle to make them pop. The rest of the quilt got waves.

We were worried that those cute white circles up there would be too see-through, but they turned out just great!! This quilt is one that Sarah is keeping... Anna's vintage modern quilt is in process.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Today we've been listening to Christmas music (YAY!) and binding and washing this lovely.
When we pulled this quilt out of the laundry we were surprised at how crinkly the raw edges became. The quilt pattern is Lissy's Flowers, which was a great quilt to make!

We tried a new kind of machine quilting...waves! The machine quilting adds just enough to the quilt without making it stiff. Instead, this quilt is loose and SUPER bubbly!!
 This quilt is now listed on etsy!


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