Saturday, April 20, 2013

Little by Little

We finished the last of our Swoon blocks....and little by little they turned into a quilt top. One block turned into two blocks which eventually turned into nine blocks.

Is this quilt traditional or modern? The line between traditional and modern is very fine. The pattern is traditional, but the quilt is modern because of the fabrics and colors.

We layed this quilt on a bed and instantly fell in love with it.  We love this queen size quilt to pieces.

Which block is your favorite? Each block is unique but somehow it all ties together.

This block is our favorite (the blue-purple one with the yellow center)...wish we had more of that perfect blue-purple fabric.
 Little by little our batting and backing stash has depleted which means that this quilt will stay on our list of "unfinished quilts" until we can make it to the fabric store.  In the meantime we will be celebrating reaching our 100th blog post! Can you believe it? Sounds like treats and a movie? Yep. A celebration is definitely in order :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013


We thought it would be fun to show you our favorite quilts to date. We narrowed our list down to six quilts (this was very hard to do!). Without cheating, can you identify any quilts in the stack? (We said don’t look!) So here is our list, in no particular order…

On a whim

Lime Ricki


Sugar Cookie

Spin Blossoms


So there it is. Our top 6.  We’ve been playing the what-do –these- quilts- have- in -common game. This game is really hard :) We like a variety of different quilts, so it is hard to pinpoint what specifically catches our eye in a quilt.  However, we have discovered that we like quilts with traditional roots made modern through the use of true, bright colors and lots of white.  What kind of quilts catch your eye?

P.S. The winners  of the Cowgirl quilt pattern giveaway are cllcraft and deelish10! If you are either of these two ladies, please SEND US YOUR EMAIL so you can receive your prize! Thanks to everyone that entered. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Yeehaw!  Our Cowgirl quilt pattern is done! This quilt pattern is fat quarter friendly and is easy to use.  You can purchase the pattern here.  The cover quilt is also for sale and can be found on Etsy. 

Designing a flower quilt pattern has always been on our bucket list, but we wanted the perfect pattern: something cute and original. We thought of the name “Cowgirl” before the pattern was created and we waited for the perfect matching quilt. The inspiration for the quilt pattern came out of the blue and we knew that this was the perfect pattern to match the name.  

 The Cowgirl blocks are fairly large, measuring 16” when finished. With only 12 blocks to make, the quilt top comes together in no time at all! The finished quilt measures 48” X 64” similar in size to our other patterns.

 We wanted to channel a girly color scheme into this quilt, without making it look too elementary.  The fabrics are Pam Kitty Love by Pam Kitty Morning for Lakehouse Dry Goods, which we found in our local quilt shop.  The blue-purple color is an easy favorite of ours. 

 When we sewed the first block on this quilt, we were really scared that the pattern didn’t look right. We had already cut out all of our fabric, so we decided to keep sewing. Just letting you know…we are not always confidant in our decisions, but once a quilt comes together we learn to fall in love with it. Sometimes the quilts you are least unsure about are the ones that turn out the cutest. It’s probably because they are outside of our comfort zone. 
 It’s so fun that little stars are created in the white space between the blocks. It’s a pattern inside of a pattern :)

We stippled this one because we didn’t want the machine quilting to take away from the already-busy pattern.  Now it is crinkly after 2 washes. Don’t ask ;)

 This quilt has been done for ages…we were just procrastinating working on the pattern. All we really needed was some ice-cream and time. Especially that part about ice-cream :)


 O.K. Now the fun part! Become a member of our blog and leave us a comment letting us know that you did. You never know, you might just win a Cowgirl pattern (in PDF form) to play with. The Giveaway will end Wednesday at midnight. Two random winners will be announced on Thursday. Go!


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