Saturday, September 14, 2013

Equilateral Triangle Quilt Tutorial

This is a tutorial for an easy Equilateral Triangle Quilt, with triangles cut using a rotary cutter. No template required. Finished quilt is a crib size, measuring approximately 40" x 60".

For this quilt you will need:
8- 1/4 yard prints
1/2 yard white fabric

1. Cut all of your 1/4 yard prints into perfect 9'' strips. (1/4 yards aren't cut evenly when you buy them). Cut 2- 9'' strips from the white fabric.

2. Line up your 60 degree line on your ruler with the top of your 9 inch strip as shown above. (The top left side of the picture is cut off, but line up the point of your ruler with the point of your fabric.) Cut with your rotary cutter, as indicated by the red dash lines.

3. Line up your 60 degree line along the line you just barely cut. Now cut as indicated by the red dash line above.

4. Each 1/4 yard printed fabric strip should yield 7 equilateral triangles. Repeat for all 8- 1/4 yds until you have a total of 56 colored triangles. The white fabric will yield 14 white triangles. This quilt requires 70 total triangles.

5. Layout your triangles in 7 rows of 10 triangles each. Sew together. Be careful when sewing to match the triangle points together. Square up the edges if desired.


  1. Do you have measurements for a queen quilt?

  2. What do you recommend for binding? Would you cut square edges or leave the hexagonal shape?



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