Monday, January 21, 2013

Two New Quilts


Last September, us cowgirls went to the Utah State Fair for some fun! We went to the Lonestar Concert, ate cinnamon roasted pecans (Yum!), and drooled over the quilts. These two new matching quilts were inspired by an Alternating Chevron quilt we saw there. Four months later, we made two twin-sized quilts of our own.

We figured out how to make the pattern all by ourselves. Despite how devilish it looks to make, it is actually quite simple. If you ever want to know a quilting shortcut, you know who to ask ;)


 The machine quilting is simple, just a few zig-zags here and there.  When making bed quilts, loose machine quilting is always the best so that the quilt is cuddly.

Here's our twinner quilts all rolled up! They are such a cute pair.

 Now all we need is some matching pillows. That is our next thing on our to-do-list.

 Happy Monday!


  1. lovely quilts! it was so clever of you to find a simple way to make them - it really does look like it would be complex

  2. Beautiful! I love the variety of colors and the abundance of white! Great finish!



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