Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pow Wow


Alison's Pow Wow Pattern is the cutest thing ever ever ever.

We found the perfect fabric (to match the pattern) at Hancock. Love that place.

Have you seen the Briar Rose fabric line? We loosely based our color scheme off of it. And we bought all floral prints to keep the vintage vibe going.

We started making this quilt at 10:00 at night. And realized that zombies can't sew :) In the morning we realized that we had sewn all the blocks wrong. Suffice it to say that we ended up making our blocks 1" smaller than planned. We shouldn't sew at night anymore. Even though we still do :)

So our quilt ended up on the small side. Some baby is going to love it...(you can buy it here)

The lighting on the picture above is a little crazy, but it shows off the crinkly goodness. The machine quilting is the best part of this quilt.

We machine quilted the flowers on our own home machines using  Oh Fransson's machine quilting tutorial. We are smittten. 

 This might win the most-favorite quilt contest. Along with the last 50 quilts we've made.

The backing is a vintage yellow sheet which doesn't really match the front of the quilt, but brightens it up. The best part of quilting is that everything doesn't have to match perfectly. Who knew right?

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