Saturday, December 14, 2013

Irish Chain Quilts

A few months back, we cut this fabric into 4.5” squares and made a whole lotta 9 patches:

So many, in fact, that when sewn together it was a KING SIZED quilt. Since quilting that large of a quilt sounds like no fun, we unpicked that quilt into two smaller quilts, each measuring  57” x 66”.

 The machine quilting was simple: swirly loops for both. 

The quilts are not exactly identical, but would make a cute pair. 


Irish chain quilts are very traditional, and it was fun to use modern fabrics to mix things up a bit. So there you go. Two matching quilts.


  1. it is lovely and well done .. bravo!

  2. Looks gorgeous, using big squares makes a quilt fast!! Went to follow you but you do not have bloglovin. Have you thought of putting it on? Easy to do and makes the blogs you follow really simple to as it gets emailed every day.



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