Friday, September 28, 2012

Feeling Adventurous

Today we decided to go on an adventure. We always feel like being adventurous on Fridays.  Today are mission was to A. Go on a walk to burn off all the icecream we’ve been eating :) and B. Find new favorite spots to take pictures.  So we went for a walk…

We’ll have you know this was no easy feat! We had to stand by this bee-infested-stinky-yellow-bush just to snap this picture. Not to mention all the strange looks we got from people who were driving by :) Your welcome.

Yes, it was worth it. We might even say the exercise was worth it, well... we wouldn't go quite that far. :) 

 This queen sized quilt + our weak muscles= tired arms.

Mission accomplished: we took some new pictures, and maybe-kind-of-not-really burned off the icecream. :) What a successful Friday! Have an adventurous weekend!

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