Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All Packaged Up

We finally clipped the last of the strings on these quilts. If we had a penny for every string we clipped, we would be rich. If we had a penny for every string we didn't clip we would be even richer :) You know how that goes ;)

We always end up folding our quilts multipe times before they can fit in a box. The secret to making a quilt LOOK like it's folded perfectly (even when it's not) is to stick abow and a card on it :)

We finished up the last of our business cards (or else we lost them in all our mess)...either way we needed to print out a fresh batch of Quackadoodle Quilt cards:

You never know where a box has been so we always make sure there's an extra layer between the quilt and the box...(aka tissue paper!)

We're professional at making a quilt fit in any size box. All you need is a little elbow grease! Think: Shove. Now you know all our packaging secrets!

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