Monday, December 10, 2012


We had a brilliant idea a long, long time ago to make a quilt pattern. Turns out that they are not as easy to make as we thought. The problem: creativity.  We had countless pattern ideas, only to figure out that someone already had the idea before us. Finding inspiration for a quilt pattern is hard work! We’ve come to realize that inspiration can come from anywhere. Don’t be discouraged if you are working to create a pattern of your own. You never know when an idea will hit you.

We loosely created a color scheme for this quilt…aka, grab all the polka dot scraps and sew!This quilt is our new favorite…who are we kidding? We love all of our quilts :) You can buy this quilt on our Quackadoodle Quilt Shop and you can also buy our quilt pattern on Etsy.

Plus, the machine quilting? It’s pretty great. 15-hours-of- sewing- and -5- hours- clipping -strings great, but still great :)

And just because we joined a link party today, come check us out on Sew Chatty with our ziggy tutorial. Also check out the link party The Girl Creative.

                                                                                The Girl Creative

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