Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sugar Cookie Pattern + Quilt

 As promised: another new quilt pattern! Quackadoodle Quilt has been super busy recently :) With two patterns in two weeks, we are in full-blown-pattern-making-mode. The pattern is now available on Etsy! The cover quilt is also for sale.

 Today we walked through the winter wonderland to take these pictures. As we were talking pictures, we realized that these colors could almost be Christmas-y colors. The blue is such a fun color…we like to call it “Windex blue” <3 

We ran out of backing fabric, so we made a hasty decision and pieced it. We’re glad we didn’t think before we sewed the back together, or else there would be no pieced back.

 Each sugar cookie was quilted with a spiral in the center. It reminds us of dollops of frosting…perfect for our sugar cookies! The rest of the quilt got loopdy-loops.

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