Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blue + Orange Quilt Top

Blue and Orange are perfect compliments of each other. This stack of fabrics has been combined for a while, but the trick was choosing a quilt pattern while only using two different tones. Sometimes its just best not to think too long about the pattern choice. Being the indecisive people we are, we have to force ourselves to choose at some point :)

We decided to go with the famous disappearing 9-patch quilt but added a twist. We love white fabric and decided to incorporate that into this quilt.  The white makes the quilt brighter and adds variety to the pattern.

Who ironed that quilt? Not us, apparently :) We love all 120 blocks of this wrinkly quilt top. 


Now to choosing the quilt backing. Hmmm.... being the indecisive people we are, this could take a while :)

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