Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scattered Squares

After finding this cute quilt on Pinterest, we decided we needed (ok, maybe wanted) to make one.  The fabrics don't match at all...maybe that's why we love it so much :) The white background fabric helps tie everything together and makes it seem fun and scrappy.  This quilt is for sale in our shop.

Our first quilt in February has us wishing for spring. It is warming up (40 degrees is warm...right?) and we are looking forward to even warmer weather.

We've had this random green back forever (meaning about 1 year, which is eternity in quilt time). We are glad it finally matched um, got put in a quilt.

We tried this method of binding and loved how fast and easy it worked.  The only downside...we need a new excuse to watch Pride and Prejudice. Now we can't use the old "we have to bind our quilt and Mr. Darcy Collin Firth is the best helper." Oh well, we'll think of a new excuse. :)

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