Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lime Ricki

Hello again! This is our second time blogging today, but we REALLY couldn't wait! We just finished making a new pattern called Lime Ricki. We're trying to act it working? Cause we're totally freaking out :) This pattern uses fat quarters or 1/4 yards and comes together quickly...perfect for a beginner who can match up seams.

Choosing out the color scheme was really fun for this quilt. We started with the lime color and added some true reds and blues. The small scale prints work well with the pattern.

We like being adventurous when it comes to machine quilting. We decided on quilting each Lime Ricki with a spiral. It's easier than it looks...promise :)

Did we mention that we love this quilt? We do.

 You can buy this pattern in PDF form here. The cover quilt is also listed in the hurry before we decide to take it off and keep it for ourselves :) No promises that it will be there tomorrow. Very tempting...


  1. very cute - nice finish.

  2. Love the pattern. Might have to check that out. The colors you chose work great together, too.

  3. Love the fabric and pattern!



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