Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spin Blossoms

This quilt was going to be  in our etsy shop... that was before we finished it :)  After we finished it, we changed our minds and decided that we might just need it... there's always room for one more quilt. Always.

We found the Spin Blossoms pattern via Pinterest and tweaked it so that the blocks could be slightly larger.  The quilt ended up being about 55" X 70"...which is perfect for a throw quilt.


Loopdy-loop machine quilting looks fab on this quilt... it's super crinkly. Since the blocks are angular, we wanted to do swirly machine quilting to soften the sharp turns. Yes, there is a science to choosing machine quilting :)

After finishing this whole quilt...binding and all...we noticed a small cut in our quilt! Must. Be. More. Careful. Squaring. Up. At least that's how we think it happened. It's all bandaged up now, and its our little secret :)


 We ended up doing standard Quackadoodle Quilt colors, but then threw in a minty green. LOVE. That coral color has got to be one of our favorite colors right now too.

We are really into solids at this point. We used to be anti-solid girls, but quickly converted :)

 The binding is machine bound, again. It is so much quicker and we zipped the binding on in no time at all!

We can tell that this quilt will get a lot of use this Summer. Spring.  Oh yeah, maybe it's still Winter :)

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