Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mini Hourglass

Diggin’ through our fabric stash one day, we came across a cute stack of fabric scraps that were all about 5” wide.  Thumbing around for an idea, we came across our hourglass quilt again, and we quickly decided that one hourglass quilt was not enough. So we made hourglass quilt #2. (Side note: aren't we better photographers than the last pictures we took of our first hourglass? Yiko! excuse the grammar, but what were we thinking?)

Errrrm. Where were we? Oh yes, the second hourglass quilt.

The blocks are teeny tiny. They measure 4” (un)finished and  3.5” when sewn together. Little blocks + little quilt = a little bit of heaven. Not joking. 

Here's the whole quilt. Careful....a big dose might just put you over the top :)

We finished this quilt at 10:30ish at night (sound familiar?) and quickly washed it. Bubbly doesn't even begin to describe this quilt.

Etsy. Etsy. Etsy. Come visit our shop and you can buy this precious.

And to prove to all you anti-fall people out there. It is fall:

See? What did we tell you :)

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