Monday, August 11, 2014

An August Finish

For starters, we would like to apologize that this post didn't hit the blog sooner...apparently when we say we will show you a quilt "in a day or so" (to quote verbatim) we mean the "or so" part. That's how it is done in Quackadoodlequiltlandia. Yup, such a place exists. Honestly, we live there ;) Sorry if we lost ya for a minute; we will get back to our discussion of our August finish.

We are trying to pinch our pennies (it appears that we are fabric hoarders) and so we are getting reacquainted with the scrap basket. Trips to the fabric store? Outta the question (for at least a few weeks days). It's tough stuff. We are only partially kidding, but let's just say that you won't have to drag us kickin' and screamin' to the fabric store any time soon. :)

They do say that "desperation is the mother of invention":

Sometimes in scrappy quilts the creativity is what makes-or-brakes it. This quilt? We think we've got it made. But we aren't partial or anything :)

All of the prints in this quilt are our favorites. The pattern, Hopscotch by Thimble Blossoms, is perfect for using up scraps since it uses 2.5" strips. Hallelujah!

The backing fabric was a no-brainier since we had already used the gray in the diamonds on the front. Stippling a quilt is always a no-brainer too.

30" x 43". The perfect size for a baby boy. If you wanna have it for keeps, click here :) Yes, we were trying to send ya on a guilt trip.

Lovin' this shot of the quilt in a basket. It is such a precious little quilt.

If you need a little pick-me-up here ya go: Happy Monday! and Happy Quilting!

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