Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's Time

It's about time to give you the run-down on some of our new projects.

And time to show you a cute picture of some polka-dotty balloons.

It's also time to start a new quilt. We need to put our thinking caps on for this one...What do you think we should make? Or, on second thought, we could just ask Pinterest ;) That works too.

You know what else it's time for? It is time to hit the sewing. HARD. Because the shop is in disarray. The kind of chaos where there is nothing---nada---to buy. Yeah, that is chaos.

We snuck in some quilting time this week (who could blame us?) and so it looks like we have a head-start on our quest to fill the Etsy Shop. Tell ya what, whoever ends up with this quilt is LUCKY with a capital "L" because it smells like fresh laundry. **JEALOUS**

We will show you pictures of this quilt in a day or so. The binding, the backing, the front...the whole works :) Oh, and we will do good on our promise to write you a tutorial in a few days. Or weeks.

Thanks for listening!

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