Friday, November 7, 2014


 Two quilters-let's not mention any names- decided to conquer another custom order quilt.  Eeek.

We had so much fun making this quilt all come together! Forget quilting...wanna know what new skill we are trying to master? Color naming. That's right. Can anyone differentiate between aqua and mint and teal and baby blue and turquoise and emerald and jade and seafoam green and...yeah. The trickiest part of this quilt was getting the solids just right.  

Let's not even try to name the backing fabric color :) It is Kona Ice Frappe and adds a soft tone to the quilt.

We made a full size quilt for a cute little girl's bed. It's so much fun to make quilts for someone all the way across the nation!

And it's so much fun to be back at the whole blogging thing.

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