Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hola. Just wanted to give two thumbs up to this cute tutorial. D.I.Y. projects are the best...and even better when they aren't Pinterest fails or aren't too difficult---yeah, that too :) Anyone else think it's weird that "Pinterest" must be spell-checked every time you type it? Maybe it's just us.

Wait for it...a wrinkly picture of the whole (over-sized) sweatshirt! 
Red Sweatshirt: $2 thrift store find
Fabric Paint: Michael's
 Looks like Black Friday came early this year. 

And we couldn't resist tying a bow around our fabric store makes us feel as if we have made our own fabric line (Just go with it.)

Imagination is a good thing...and we are pretty darn good at matching prints, don'tcha think? ;) :)


  1. Hello, We miss your blog, are you alright and just busy?

    1. Hola,
      Life has been busy. busy. busy. recently. Where did the months of February and March go? Hopefully we will have some quilty updates for you soon.

      Anna and Sarah

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