Thursday, May 16, 2013


This quilt has vintage written all over it. Once in a blue moon a scrap quilt actually turns out better than we expect it to. Hate to admit it, but we get sick of fabric if its been around too long. Bleh. Don't know about you but there are some fabrics that never seem to run out no matter how many times you use them. And they're not the cute fabrics either. Not that we are complaining about this quilt, it's just nice to finally have a use for those fabrics.    

It's been ages since we have took pictures outside. Nobody wants to see dead grass and patches of ice in the background of a cute photo. Also, snow + clumsy arms = dirty quilts. It was fun to go barefoot and incorporate the green scenery in our photos.

Twin sized quilts are perfect for twin sewers :) With twice as many hands, the quilt gets finished in half as much time.

The binding fabric is actually a chevron print, but after 2 binding folds it looks like we did a stripey bias binding. Now that is the cheater's way :)

Sorry for the picture overload. We are kinda obsessed.

After one wash the raw-edges are frayed and it gives the quilt a well-loved look

The teal back we got for a REALLY good deal. Really good as in 8-yards-for-5-dollars-good. You better be jealous. We have our ways :)   

 If you want to make your own raw-edge circle quilt you can find our free tutorial here. 

As always, you can purchase this quilt on Etsy.


  1. Love the circles. Great stuff.

  2. Looks like a great quilt to snuggle up with. I have made some quilts with unfinished edges, but never thought of doing it with just circles.



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