Thursday, May 2, 2013

Napkin Pillow Tutorial

This is an easy pillow tutorial that takes 10 minutes to make and costs under $5...the best kind of project. Ready. Set. Go!

Materials Needed:
2 napkins, any size (our napkins measured 19" x 19")
Thread to match the napkins
Down Pillow Form, about the size of your napkins (ours measured 22" x 22")

First of all...Have you ever looked for kitchen napkins? If you haven't, you're missing out. This has got be one of the best kept secrets in the sewing world. Napkins come in a variety of cute patterns at reasonable costs. Usually they cost about $5- $10 for a pack of four, but we scored and found a set of four napkins on sale for $2.99! (Thank you Target!)

Napkins already have a hem around the edge and this makes sewing with them SUPER easy. Okay let's start...

Find your pins and start pinning! Match your 2 napkins WRONG sides together. Pin around three sides:

Sew the three pinned sides of your napkin as close to the edge as you can, but be careful when you sew so you don't get holes :)

This is an up-close shot of what the edge of your pillow will look like after sewing.

Shove your down pillow-form into the open end of the sewn napkins. Make sure you shove it down hard so you still have room to sew:

Pin the fourth side of your napkins and sew as close to the edge of the fabric as you can.

Pat your self on the back for making this quick little pillow!

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