Friday, May 3, 2013

Up and Running

We finally got the computer up and running after two weeks. For heaven sakes. In between fixing that, we've  shipped off 3 Etsy quilts and sent off 2 patterns (hooray!). 

The back-stitch button is a perfect reminder of how we've been "in reverse" this week...meaning we had to dust of this button before taking the picture. Life's been busy.

We've been doing a lot of Gingher action this week. We would hate to have any strings on a handmade quilt. Ha. That's impossible.

At least our rotary cutters got some use this week when cutting out fabric ribbons for wrapping quilts:

And of course we had to include this picture of red scissors. They even match the quilt. Red scissors work better than black scissors. But don't tell anyone that :)

Here's to a more productive sewing week: fabric splurging, quilt pattern designing, and actually using our machines. What have you been up to the last two weeks?


  1. ladies, my computer is still limping along but...I was able to find a pdf app to work and d/l and printed your pattern only to find out I don't have enough background material of any kind to do the quilt, so next month maybe I can find a sale and get enough. being old and on ss isn't pretty! I do enjoy the pattern and will make it when I am able!

  2. Hey! Just found your blog and read through the whole thing (not a stalker, I swear...just have lots of time on my hands). Anyway- just wanted to say hi and that I love your quilts! :)



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