Monday, June 17, 2013

A Vintage Quilt

Recently we've been thinking about what defines a vintage quilt. Is it fabric? colors? the pattern? It's a combination of all three. We were lucky enough to have a sweet neighbor bring us some of her old fabric. This quilt is a product of playing around with that fabric to create a very vintage vibe.

You may have noticed how many times we have used this yellow stripe fabric, but it is a staple for us because it matches almost every quilt. It looks good in the binding, doesn't it?

We are guilty of putting blue in almost every quilt we make, so we tried to mix things up a little and make a quilt that is blue-fabric-free. SUCH. A. HARD. TASK.

Remember that we said that the first block in the second row was our favorite? We lied. Or we just changed our minds :) Today we're digging the third block in the second row, the inside-out-version of our first favorite block.

Here's a shot of the purple crinkled backing fabric, just for you:

And just a reminder, this quilt is listed in our shop. How many times have we told you now? That's right, too many :)

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