Friday, June 28, 2013

Change of Plans

Today we spent the afternoon basting this quilt. It’s been hiding in the closet for months, and a few hours ago we felt like tackling the machine quilting. Not anymore. After we basted it and started quilting, we had the seam reaper within 2 minutes of starting. 2 minutes. People!

(Found here)
What's that about keeping calm? If only ;)

So, after basting the whole quilt (3 times mind you!) we made an easy decision and un-basted it. And no, that wasn't a waste of time. Or so we keep telling ourselves :)

But now, thankfully, we don't have to worry about this problematic quilt. We are planning to store it away so it can get lost in all the mess. Our evil plan will work perfectly because every time our quilt closets open: Timber! Everything comes crashing down. Now we will be sure to forget about this quilt :) So, please excuse us while we shove this quilt back into the black hole we call a closet...

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