Saturday, June 29, 2013

Button Pillow Tutorial

(FYI: Coral fabric from JoAnn, buttons from Hancock, long pillow from Home Goods)

Button pillows are everywhere these days. Everywhere except at home :( So we decided to make our own and save us the $17 they cost. Ouch! Here is a tutorial for how to make a button pillow.

Materials Needed for one Button Pillow measuring 20" x 20":
  • 3/4 yd. fabric (at least 44" wide)
  • 1 button
  • Thread to match the pillow
  • Thread to match the button (not pictured)
  • Down Pillow form 20" x 20"
1. From your fabric cut one square measuring 21". This will be your back, so set it aside for now.


2. Cut another piece measuring 21" x 22". This will become the front of your pillow.

3. From your piece measuring 21" x 22" measure and cut 7.5" down the longer side. This creates two pieces, we will call them piece "A" and "B".


4. From the remaining original fabric cut a 1.5" strip. The length doesn't really matter, but make it at least six inches long.

5. Iron your 1.5" strip in half lengthwise creating a crease. Open up the strip so it still measures 1.5" but now has a crease in the center.

6. Iron both sides into the center crease.

 7. Fold and iron in half. You should now have a nicely finished 1/4" cord.

8. Sew your cord as close as you can along the unfinished edge. 

9. Your cord should be completely finished now.

 10. Cut your cord into 2- 1.5" strips.

11. Find the middle of Piece B. Place your cord strips on either side of the middle mark. Maybe about an 1/8" apart.

 12. Pin Piece A to Piece B, Right sides together. Make sure to pin your cords down to keep them in place.

13. Using a 1/2" seam allowance, reattach Piece A to Piece B.

 14. Iron up your seam.

15. Top stitch using a scant 1/2'' seam allowance.

16. Tack down your cords, sewing along the bottom edge.

17. Sew your button on, hiding your cords and creating a foe loophole.

18. Now find your backing piece (measuring 21" square). Pin the front of the pillow to the back piece, right sides together. Sew 1/2" around 3 sides of the pillow. The side you don't sew should be the bottom of your pillow!

 19. Turn your pillow right sides out and stuff in your pillow form. Pin the bottom.

20. Sew as close to the edge as you dare!

Ta da! You are finished. Shoot us an email with any questions, trust us this tutorial sounds harder than it really is! Enjoy!

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