Tuesday, August 20, 2013

4 months ‘til Christmas. 3 Sold Quilts. 2 Trips to the Post Office. 1 Day. In regular English, that means that we sold 3 quilts yesterday! (We’ll get back to the Christmas thing later.) As soon as we took our Etsy shop out of vacation mode, our shop turned from full to empty in 24 hours. Maybe we should go on vacation more often… We’ll see how that goes over :)

Speaking of vacations, is it Christmas yet? (See, what did we tell you?) Yesterday we were wrapping up all these quilts, today we are drinking hot chocolate and planning a Christmas quilt, and we’ve had fudge twice in the last week. Hmm. We’re a little confused around here ;) Or not!


Now that we had our hot chocolate fix and the shop is empty and our sewing machines are back from the shop maybe, just maybe, it’s time for some sewing? (Wooh, that was a mouthful!)

 And the answer to that question ^ is: “um, yeah.”  

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