Saturday, August 24, 2013



Blogger is currently being difficult, so these pictures are not in any fancy order since we had to add each picture individually. Yeah, that's right. All 12 pictures. Oh wait, we just counted 11. One's missing...we're guessing it's blogger's fault? Let's keep this short and sweet...


A Dresden quilt deserves an "A" grade, but a vintage Dresden quilt? A++

This is the first applique quilt we attempted and we didn't feel like putting needles in our eyes. So that counts as a success right?

We used this pattern to make the Dresden blocks.

We backed the quilt with a vintage sheet we scored at the thrift store.

This quilt is chalked full of cute scraps. That bear might be the most darling thing ever. Period. 

Some more close ups:

(Blogger is currently still being a pain)

Okay, looks like Blogger doesn't want to cooperate. Currently we don't really feel like putting up a fight right now. So there you have it, a cute Dresden quilt (for sale here) and a crazy blog post. Blogger we love you. *Major eye roll*.

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