Saturday, August 3, 2013

Scrappy Squares Quilt Tutorial

Ready for the easiest quilt tutorial of your life? Brace yourself :) Finished quilt measures 45" x 60".

For one block you will need the following:

Layout your pieces as shown below:

Sew the middle row together, then sew all three rows together to complete the block. The block should measure 8" square. (Once sewn into the quilt, the blocks will measure 7.5".)

Make 48 total blocks. Sew the blocks in 8 rows of 6 each. 

Told you it was easy :)

P.S. For more pictures of this quilt go here.
P.P.S. Man, now we want to make another scrappy squares quilt.


  1. So pretty and so easy. I can see how making this quilt would get addictive :-)

  2. It really IS easy! And I found it by asking for squares on images. Thank you!



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