Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vintage Granny


Here's the finished quilt we promised. Granny squares quilt top: Check.

Stippling this was a beast. But worth all the grumbling. Because, drumroll please, the quilt got a vintage crinkle:


One of the things people forget to tell you is that twin size quilts are impossible to take pictures of. Machine quilting? No problem. A picture? Heck no. Here's most of the quilt, which measures a hearty 61" x 78":

-You can find this quilt for sale on Etsy-

The binding is a fun granny smith apple (??) green. Get it? Yeah, we're trying too hard.

Anyhoo, the binding was a nice way to finish off this little lady.

Goodbye vintage. Hello modern:

Gotta run ;)


  1. very pretty! I love it and have granny's crocheted afghans too and I made one to go with them! love the pattern and I am glad you showed me a LARGE version!!!!!

  2. Very nice, I love the look of the granny squares with the white square in the middle.



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