Monday, November 4, 2013

Red Gingham Christmas Quilt

Since Christmas is only 52 days away (but who's counting?) we decided to make a gingham holiday quilt to list in our shop.

Light red fabric is realllllly had to find because pink is the "light red" these days. We ordered chambray online and the color turned out perfect. It's 97% cotton and the 3% spandex. The stretchiness in the spandex gave us a little trouble during machine quilting. Should've known! All in all the chambray fabric gets a thumbs up.

We used our walking foot to sew "X's" in each of the 4" squares. It adds some variety to the solid white backing.

The quilt is a lap size finishing up at about 58" x 66" ish inches. Give or take a few inches.

Now who's ready for the holidays? Cause right about now we're ready to snuggle up in a quilt by the fireplace :)

P.S. There are some great ideas over at  the Craft-O-Maniac linky party. 


  1. very nice even lines! are you going to applique any thing holidayish on it??

    1. Thanks :) We aren't doing any applique, but what a cute idea for the future!

  2. Love this one. Great idea. I'm working on something similar right now. The hardest part of these are the color selection for sure... I'm your newest follower :)



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