Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dilly Dally

We figured you wouldn't mind having two blog posts in one week. It is a little bit of a shocker, we know. But... it's the newest addition to our shop. What are we supposed to do? ;)

The pattern is Dilly Dally by Thimble Blossoms. We opted out of the border and made the blocks a little smaller in order to use the fabric we had on hand.

 Dogwood Machine Quilting? Count us in! Not only does it look professional, but it is easy. (Shh! Don't tell anyone.)

 The colors go well together: blues and greens with a smattering of red.

                                               Off to more sewing-room-adventures we go!


  1. Oh... I love this quilt! I am glad you did not add a border - it makes us focus on the blocks.



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