Sunday, November 24, 2013


Scrappy, ragged, raw edge goodness. That's a tall order. But not too tough...

Rag quilts are super easy to piece together, but it's cutting all those pesky seams that can drive you crazy.

We made this rag quilt to use up fabric scraps and batting scraps. But, we'd take a "true" quilt over a rag quilt (just about) any day. Hands down.


  1. I made a rag quilt once and only once out of a powder blue flannel pack. the material was great and cozy and I put a solid flannel for the back and thought sewing all those squares together to show off the fuzzy top was cool but the batting lumped up where it wasn't quilted and it was awful. the neighbor just loved it so it found a home... your quilt looks like you solved that issue of the batting squares

  2. Haven't made one of these yet... I saw a friend clipping the one she made using flannels and I was really tempted. Maybe in January!

  3. LOL - I just make the rag top and pass it on to another member of our Church quilting bee to clip it.



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